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Land and topographical survey specialists in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London

Get a complete view of your site with the help of Geocad Ltd, Aldershot. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Land and Topographical Surveys: Welcome

Topographical Survey Techniques and Applications

​Land surveys are an essential part of any development, and at Geocad we support developers and architects throughout Hampshire, Surrey and London with a range of land surveys. Our surveys will typically detail:

  • Current site boundaries

  • Any permanent structures or building remains

  • Vegetation

  • Spot heights at various points of height and gradient

Our available land surveys can be broken down into two main types, topographical and volumetric. We also provide cut and fill modelling and setting out, as part of our engineering services.

Land and Topographical Surveys: Text
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Benefits of Land and Topographical Surveys

Our topographical surveys help you understand the area of land you have to work with. We will identify the exact position of features, ground levels in the surveyed area, building footprints and remnants.

As part of our service, we will produce 2D and 3D plans, conforming to band A as per Measured Surveys of Land Building and Utilities 3rd Edition-RICS guidance.

We use precision Leica instrumentation to gather accurate measurements, and use the latest software to process the data and produce accurate surveys quickly.

Volumetric surveys

This type of survey details accurate measurements of stockpiles of earthworks, and quantifies the volume of material stockpiled on-site. 

Also used in quarry operations, it gives an accurate indication of current activities and helps to calculate the amount of extracted or stockpiled materials.

We utilise GPS data and UAV surveys to provide highly accurate and reliable results.

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Land and Topographical Surveys: Services

"Extremely diligent, friendly and professional. If you would like every inch of your property measured accurately with minimal disturbance then Marcin and his team are the ones to go with. Great service Marcin, thank you."

Maryam Shafighian

Land and Topographical Surveys: Testimonials
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